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We have just been recognized by the National Bicycle Dealers Association 2014 Winner of “America’s Best Bike Shop”. Thank you NBDA and even greater thanks to you our customers, our friends.

America's Best Bike Shop

Thank you friends, this would not be possible without your support!

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March came in like a Lion, left the same way but it is now behind us.  Spring is finally here!!  Are you ready?

2015 Kona Precept DL

New for 2015 Kona Precept DL

We are very proud of our military personnel and their families; we chose to honor their sacrifices every day.  Ask about our military discount. Though our police and fire personnel don’t travel to war zones, they put their lives on the line every day and we honor them with a discount too.

We have in stock Brompton and Dahon folding bike. For those interested in the Bromptons, each bike is custom built to order. We have several in stock or you can ‘build’ your own ordering it just as you want it. 

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