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How Do You Get Around?

That question makes me think of the movie ‘Trains, Planes or Automobiles’ if for no other reason that they are methods. In reality, most of us drive our own vehicle. Some of us walk or run, some take a bus or a cab. We all need to get from one place to another; it is that method that changes. Heading to work, to the market or the beach, my favorite mode of transportation is my bicycle. Nothing beats the feeling of pedaling along under my own power with the air rushing by.
When we go to the fireworks we now travel by bike. No more trying to find a location to park, walking in with the masses, and then the inevitable traffic jam when leaving. Realizing the futility in taking the car to these events, we take our bikes. To ensure a safe and comfortable time, we have front and rear lights, insect repellant and a blanket to sit on. With our bikes securely locked to a fence, we sit back and enjoy the show.
When we were kids we rode our bikes everywhere, but as teenagers the automobile became everything. It’s time to revert back, stop leaving our two wheel friend behind. Try it… travel with ease, free parking; your doctor will love you because of the exercise you will be getting and, most important, it is fun.
September is upon us. School is starting and days are getting shorter. Kids want to bike to school. Do you want to bike to work? Come in to Pedal Power for a set of lights just in case you are out after dusk. Need to carry books or a laptop? We have bags and panniers we can easily mount to your bike. Want to take your bike in to your office? We have bikes that fold in seconds and store easily under your desk.
With the start of school, many think the summer (ie good weather) is coming to an end. Not hardly. This time of year is actually some of the best for riding. Cooler mornings, sunny days and less traffic (the tourists are back in school too!) Stop in to see us, we love to ‘talk bike’.

Published in the New Castle Islander