Winter may still be on the calendar, in temperature and in precipitation, but…SPRING is within sight, is your ride ready?  In anticipation, we are back to our 7 day schedule, open Mondays until 6 PM.

We have studded snow & ice tires, headlights and a very experience staff to install them – no other region in the states has what we have sohttps://youtu.be/oXWL5t5I3Tk get out there and RIDE!

Don’t forget to check our Light Reading page…  “How Do You Get Around?”

YETI – “Bike of the Year”.
Full carbon fiber frame, the ultimate trail bike. This Yeti was custom built for John. We ordered the frame he wanted and assembled the components to make it the bike of his dreams. We can do that for you too!

2015 Kona Precept DL

2015 Kona Precept DL

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Speaking of rides – join us for some on & off-road riding!  Steve and Devin love to ride, call or check in on Facebook to see when the next ride is scheduled.

We are very proud of our military personnel and their families. We honor their sacrifices, ask about our military discount. Our police and fire personnel don’t travel to war zones, but they put their lives on the line every day and we honor them with a discount too.

Downtown Portsmouth with a Brompton

Downtown Portsmouth with a Brompton

Like to travel with your bike… Tight space to keep a bike… Riding to work and need to tuck your bike out of sight…

Travels well on the train, bus and plane. Not only fun but easy too; come in and give it a try.

We have Brompton and Dahon in stock; brand new for us, Montague full size folding bike.